In 1908 and 1909 Kinser services were conducted in what is now called Taylor Community from house to house.  On July 28, 1916, the Church of God called a conference meeting at Mrs. Jane Kinser’s place under the Rev. W.F. Bryant’s tent, for the purpose of coming to some conclusion regarding a church building for the congregation forming in the community.  A church was built on a site offered by Jane Kinser and it was named Kinser Tabernacle.

Several times the church caught on fire and friends and members of the congregation saved it.  The water was carried by a bucket brigade from across the road, as there was no fire department to call.

The pastors of the Kinser Church of God have been:  Jessie Clark, W.F. Bryant, Luther Richards, Flavius J. Lee, Wesley Murphy, Will Black, Brother Morgan, E.J. Boehmer, A.V. Childress, H.L. Sorrow, Harry Whittington, George Lemons, T.L. McLain, George Douglas Iceam Barrett, Glover Ledford, Cordell Ellis, T.L. Phillips, Thad Richard, R.L. Beaty, Charles Clayton, R.E. Burnaham, John Baggett, Eli Cannon, B.E. Trent, Hugh Don Johnson, C.L. Scoggins, Charles Wycuff, Norman Sims, G.A. Swanson, Robert Cagle, G.L. Geren, Sammy Hughes, Goerge Rayfield, Paul West, A.M. Swiger, O’Neil McCullough, Kelvin Page, Jerry Justice, Guinn E. Green, Richard Bane, Larry Winters, Mark Hatley and for a second term Guinn E. Green.

In 1974, Rev. G.L. Geren was appointed as pastor and growth again began at Kinser.  After prayer and discussion with French & Willie Mae Kinser, land on Kinser Road near Highway 64 was donated to build a new church and relocate the congregation.  Construction began on the new building and within a few short months the church building and parsonage were sold.  In August 1975, eight years and seven months after the building fund was created, the new facilities were completed and dedicated.  Under the direction and leadership of Rev. G.L. Geren, the church was built with funds from the sale of the old church, parsonage, savings account, donations and a loan of $10,000.00.

In February 1976 the Rev. George Rayfield was appointed pastor.  The indebtedness was $9,360.00 and on Sunday June 12, 1978, this note was paid in full.  This was the annual homecoming.  In 1987-88 a committee was appointed to study plans for building a parsonage.  Land adjoining the church was purchased and a parsonage was built.

In 1992 the Rev. Guinn E. Green was elected pastor and stayed here for nine years.  As the church grew, property across the road from the church was purchased for Benevolence Ministries, Youth Ministries and Community Activities.  A Pavilion, the Tom Orr Pavilion, has been built for community events and functions and the church continues to grow and reach out to the community.